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11 Best Free Printable Invoice Templates

In this technology-driven era, we all are being digitally prepared and now invoices are also a part of this revolution. Before, people were using paper-based-invoices, but now, business owners can send them online which is printer-friendly and convenient for sellers and buyers. Free Printable Invoice templates are quick and easy to fill out, print and send them to the clients.

When you are looking for a free printable template for the invoice, you should keep in mind a few little things. We have already covered a Step-by-Step Process of Making an Invoice earlier. Now let’s see how easy it could be for you to create the professional look in a quick way and get the printout of the printable invoice templates.

What you will need for a free printable template for invoice

  • The information your clients need
  • Easy to print
  • The design should look good
  • Convenient margin options
  • Colors should be attractive
  • Should be easy to read

With all of these pointers, you can organize the blank invoice in a way that is meaningful and easy to read. This way, you can clarify all the tiny details about the product you sold, the cost, and how much the client owes you. This is the best possible way to illustrate the information, it will also maintain clarity about the services you have provided and the amount you are claiming. You can look for the template that you can print and choose any format you like:

  • Microsoft Excel
  • Google Sheets
  • Microsoft Word
  • Google Docs
  • PDF

Invoices are the essential document that specifies the number of purchases for the products and services. For example, if you choose free printable invoice templates pdf, you will get the template in PDF format. Then you will be able to add necessary details such as company name, logo, contact details, email address, and invoice items in invoice form or in your blank invoice template. Easy to print invoices is the best solution for businesses that need to use paper-based invoices but get the job done quickly and in a professional way.

11 Best Free Printer-Friendly Templates

We have done all of the hard work for you, so you can quickly create and use the perfect printer-friendly invoice for your business. Here is your list of different types of printer-friendly invoices that you can use according to your business requirements.

#1 Free Blank Printable Invoice Template

A free blank printable invoice template is a printable billing document that is easy to customize. This type of blank printable template does not contain colors and fields that make things more difficult in the invoice. It gives freedom to modify the structure of the invoice and allow you to add fields, logos, and colors of your choice.

#2 Free Printable Invoice Template in PDF

A free printable invoice template in PDF is a professional invoice that can be customized and easy to use. You can edit the PDF invoice, add your business details and send them to clients through mail or email in a few clicks. These free printable invoice templates in PDF are free, customizable and easy-to-use. You will have a solution that is headache-free and you can spend more time doing what matters most for your business.

#3 Free Printable Service Invoice Template

Service invoices are particularly useful for businesses who need to add itemized invoices and those who deliver specialized services to their customers, such as :

  • Freelancers
  • Consultants
  • Legal service providers
  • Medical Services
  • Accountants
  • Constructors

Free printable service invoice templates are created specifically for service-based businesses. Such templates include highly customizable features like salesperson, payment terms, products, quantity, sales tax, etc. and are also printer-friendly.

#4 Free Printable Child Care Service Invoice Template

A child care service invoices help you bill parents in a simple and consistent way if you are running an in-house daycare. With a free printable child care service invoice template you can quickly invoice for the services you have provided. Just download a template and fill in the blanks and edit necessary information. After that just go through the tiny details such as the child's name, parent’s name, payment due and conditions. You can also specify the extra services if you have provided any.

#5 Free Printable Construction Invoice Template

The construction invoice template is used by contractors so that they can provide a detailed bill to a company or an individual for which they have provided services or supplied the material. Typically, this is quite different from the other types of invoices as it includes supplies provided, hourly charges and/or flat-rate fees which they mutually agreed upon and contractor’s terms of payment. Contractors need to use such invoices because they don’t fall under any company’s payroll system. Therefore, in order to receive the payment for the services, a free printable construction invoice template will be the best suitable template for them.

#6 Free Printable Contractor Invoice Template

Contractor invoices are generated to define and describe the hours and amount of work spent on the specific task of the work because contractors execute various tasks within different durations. Free printable contractor invoice templates help you add any kind of contract works such as photography, content writing, carpentry, etc. You can save and print a copy of the contract after creating the invoice and sign it.

#7 Free Printable Catering Invoice Template

The printable catering invoice will support both the clients and caterer in getting paid. The caterer will collect the advance amount using such an invoice and the client will get notified about the full payment date. The invoice template will also include all of the other pricing and information regarding the extra costs, apart from that you can include:

  • Food items
  • Itemized costs
  • Total amount
  • Payment methods
  • Terms and conditions

This will help you maintain all of the client’s payment information for accounting, payroll, and taxes, etc.

#8 Free Printable Sales Invoice Template

The free printable sales invoice template is a document that the seller sends to the buyer. It is also known as a commercial invoice or purchase invoice. The main objective of such invoices is to mention details about the product that has been ordered, the date it was dispatched and the total amount of money owed. Some people may add more details than that and could include order-specific information. It is also considered as a legal requirement for any business to keep accurate records for tax purposes.

#9 Free Printable Auto Repair Invoice

If you are from the auto repair service and looking for a budget-friendly solution for invoicing your customers, you can use free printable auto repair invoice templates that will help you add the information including totals and tax calculations. You can also customize and print the auto repair invoice template.

#10 Free Printable Business Invoice

When you run a business you will need to send a bill to your customers for the services you have provided or the products they have purchased. Using a free printable business invoice you can specify what service or products you provided, an invoice number, remaining amount and payment terms and conditions. To use such invoices, you just need to edit them with your business branding, download the invoice and print them out and/or send the customer via email or store it for your accounting purpose.

#11 Free Printable Commercial Tax Invoice Template

Commercial tax invoices should be prepared by the seller and must have the right information. A commercial invoice does not provide rights of the ownership of the goods or merchandise until and unless it includes the attachment that contains the total amount of payment from the person who is importing the goods. In most cases, the seller provides the original invoice to the buyers and he keeps the printed or online copy for himself.

How printer-friendly template invoice help you make a good impression

You can wow your customers using any of the above listed printable templates. Choose the template that is fully customizable and invoice template that you can print as per your need. Let’s see how such templates help you make a good impression.

#1. Time Saver

With traditional invoices people have to manually fill all the information or sometimes they have to write it by hand, taking lots of your time away from your business. When you create a new template using a blank invoice template, download an invoice, save the edited information, the data will immediately transfer and allow you to make and save the invoice in just a few seconds.

#2. Securing Records & Data

The printable invoice template is generated through a cloud-based system and they can be secure to your account without taking up space on your hard drive. That means that if any printed paper invoice is lost or destroyed or you lost all your data in your hard drive, such type of cloud-based systems will help you secure your old records and data. You can simply print the lost invoice data again from your service provider’s account.

#3. Convenient to Handle

The printable invoice template helps you support global clients from different regions with different languages, currency, and taxes. That means if you choose any of the templates, you have to make sure it is convenient for you to change/edit the features and reach out to your clients located in foreign countries. On the other hand, you also have to take care of the taxes, because different countries will have different tax categories. So, when you are choosing any blank invoice or customized invoice templates using Microsoft Word, Excel or any other format make sure it allows you to customize your tax category. Of course, the invoice generators will do all the complicated tasks automatically for you and also calculate the total for you, and you just have to make sure you choose the most suitable template for you.

#4. Convert Attention into Payment

Printer-friendly invoice generators are specially designed to provide stunning invoices that your clients can’t ignore. Choose an invoice design that fits within your business branding. Once you find a suitable template, you can customize it by adding your business logo and necessary information in a way that straight away impresses your client and they can be aware of your brand and believe that you are a legitimate business. These tiny things will not go unnoticed by your clients and will help you get paid.


1. How can I create a printable invoice?

Answer: You can create a printer-friendly invoice using web browsers with the tools and download the templates in Word/PDF/Excel and edit them according to your business branding, and start billing your clients using any of your personal devices.

2. What should I include in the printable template?

Answer: The specifications of what you should include in your template depends on the type of invoice you are generating. However, all types of invoices need to include certain information to get paid on time. You can add the company name, logo, contact details, email address, invoice items, the privacy policy in your blank invoice template. Still, if you want more tips, check out our blog about Quick Tips & Tricks to Create Professionally Designed Invoice.

3. Who needs to use a printable template?

Answer: Anyone who has sold any services or products may need to send an invoice in order to get paid. Many companies or individuals prefer to have hard copies of their invoices for their personal records. In such scenarios, the business needs to send printable invoices. Basically, every business person can use printer-friendly invoices as per their requirements.

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