Update to MixBit 4.4.0 coming soon!

Get ready! Version 4.4.0 of MixBit has been submitted to the iOS App Store and will be released tomorrow (Wednesday September 2nd). This new version is better than ever for shooting sweet videos with your friends!

We don’t often contact you (How’s it going? Good? Yeah, us too! We’re excited about this release!), but we really wanted to let you know that in order to make these awesome new changes, we need to change the way we store MixBit videos, which may have some implications for you.

Here’s what’s happening:

  1. Any MixBit videos you have already published will continue to work without any changes (and not just in boring old landscape format, we’re also adding fancy snapchat-ish portrait versions too).
  2. Videos that are started but not yet published must be published to keep them on MixBit.
  3. If you choose NOT to publish your video, no content will be lost, as the original photos and videos are stored on your camera roll, but you will need to reselect it again if you decide to recreate the video in future.

We also wanted to simplify login since we live in this new super duper, never look up from your phone, mobile addicted world, so we’re going to change our new accounts to use either Facebook or their Mobile Phone number to sign in.

As an existing user, you can continue to use your username or email to sign in, but we also suggest you enable these new options by adding Facebook or your phone number to your account now in the current version.

We’ll also be updating our Privacy Policy due to the extensive changes in the way we create videos. Most of the changes deal with how we previously described Projects vs. Videos (we now only have videos and have removed projects), but we think you’ll also be pleased to hear that your videos are now even more private than before, with videos only visible to people who contributed by default.

Learn more at mixbit.com!

Team MixBit