Announcing Project Next: A contest for student filmmakers

There’s no denying that the film industry is changing. Distribution is being uprooted, everyone has a video camera in their pocket, and equipment is cheaper and more portable than ever. Filmmaking is being democratized, put into the hands of the people who go out and create stuff.

We say bring it on. As more and more people are given the chance to tell their stories, more brilliant and unusual stories will be uncovered and passed around the world, igniting more and more change. At MixBit, we are helping people tell great stories through video. If you’re a video storyteller, we’ve got your back.

Which is why we are happy to announce Project Next, a contest to find the best student filmmakers in the United States. Create and publish a video using the MixBit app for Android and iPhone between November 1st and 30th, and you will have the chance to win $500 to put towards your next production. The best video will be picked by a selection of MixBit team members, including Chad Hurley and Steve Chen, co-founders of YouTube.


We want to see what you’ve got. Be serious, be silly, be weird, film all those things you have creeping around in the back of your mind. As long as you follow our community guidelines, anything goes.

Go to to view the rules and download the app here to get started. Good luck!