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Since launching MixBit we’ve been working hard to build a stable platform that allows users to mix and share great video content. Now we’re getting ready to launch new features that do even more to help you create engaging, shareable videos with your friends. We’ve just pushed the first of these, Following and Usernames on MixBit!

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This is the first step in a roadmap geared towards robust collaboration features that will allow you to create amazing videos with your followers, friends and community.

To claim your username (first come, first served), please go to or if you haven’t already, register your MixBit account today!

If you’ve already connected Twitter account with us, we have automatically set your MixBit username to match your Twitter username. If you’d prefer a different username, just email us and we’d be happy to change it for you.

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4 gift ideas for making even better videos

The great thing about mobile filmmaking is that everything you need to shoot decent video is right in your pocket. It’s quick, easy, and portable, and for the basic stuff, you don’t need anything else. That said, there are accessories that can make your smartphone videos even better (or more fun to make). Here are four awesome toys you can ask for this Christmas.

1. OlloclipiPhone only


The Olloclip is the perfect mobile accessory: it’s tiny but packs a big punch. It’s a small gadget that slides over the camera on your iPhone or iPod, providing three alternative lenses: fish eye, macro, and wide angle. It’s a house favorite here at MixBit – especially the fish eye! I’ve linked to the original, but they have a few other products that include telephoto and additional macro lenses.

2. Grip Tight Gorillapod StandiPhone & Android


The most versatile tripod ever. Small enough to fit in your jacket pocket, the Gorillapod can be attached to almost anything to provide a steady shot for your videos on the go – wrap it around a tree branch, hang it from the rafters, or just use it like a normal tripod. When you’ve got this with you, you can shoot professional-looking video anywhere.

3. Waterproof case

waterproof smartphone case

Waterproof cases are fairly affordable but aren’t especially common, so underwater shots still look incredibly unique. Want to add a splash of intrigue to your videos? Channel your inner child and set the tea party scene in the pool instead of the living room. Or reenact Nirvana’s Nevermind album cover – you’ve got a waterproof case, all you need is someone willing to swim around naked!

There are a lot of options in this area and which one you choose depends on your device. For the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S3, we recommend the OtterBox. Before choosing one of these, make sure to read reviews – you don’t want to mess around with cheap objects when it comes to your phone!

4. iRig MIC CastiPhone & Android

iRig MIC Cast

In addition to using a tripod, having crisp, clear audio is a foolproof way to make your videos more professional. These don’t cost much but have a significant effect on the quality of sound – which becomes more and more important as screen sizes get smaller and smaller.

Happy holidays from all of us here at MixBit! Hope you have a cozy and safe holiday season.

Announcing: Collaborative Responses!

Welcome to the most ambitious release of the MixBit iOS app since we first broke ground in August! We’ve spent the last months watching your videos and cooking up new ways to make MixBit the best place to “Create videos together.” Today we’re happy to announce an exciting new feature called Collaborative Responses, which allows you to collaborate with friends or respond to any video found on the site with just a few clicks.

MixBit video responses

One of our most prolific MixBit’ers, Chad of the Valley, created this video that has already garnered a few responses:

Click through to to see the response videos!

To get started, simply upgrade the app and find a video you’d like to respond to.

In addition to Collaborative Responses, we have some other new goodies:

  • Remix other users’ clips into your projects
  • Each clip can now be up to 60 seconds long
  • Streamlined editing tools and easier import from Camera Roll
  • Find and view videos by social network profiles
  • Export teaser animated GIF trailers to your Camera Roll
  • Tweaks, improvements, and bug fixes galore!

The Android update is in development, so stay tuned. And as always, if you have any questions or comments, feel free to reach out to us on Twitter: @MixBitApp, or email:

How to make a swede video

According to SwedeFest, a swede is a low-budget summarized recreation of a popular film or TV show. It’s similar to a parody, but parodies are a bit more open with plot lines and will often spoof more than one film or TV show. It’s a concept with growing popularity in the indie film world. There are even two (non-sweded) films about swedes that I know of: Be Kind, Rewind, starring Jack Black and Mos Def, and Son of Rambow, a small but heartwarming film about two kids recreating the first Rambo movie.

We had a fantastic swede on the MixBit site a few weeks back from one of our favorite MixBit users named Chad Pickens, who works at a school. He worked with the kids to make a swede of Napoleon Dynamite.


The great thing about making a swede is that it saves you from coming up with a story, leaving your creative juices free to make it your own, and to have fun with a storyline that’s already a proven success. By their very nature, they are lighthearted and silly, so it leaves off a lot of the pressure of making a “perfect” short film. Swedes are supposed to look handmade and somewhat sloppy – it adds to the effect and humor. Chad said about the making of Swede-Poleon Dynamite, “I felt it was great to keep not so perfect takes in to make it just that much more entertaining. It’s supposed to be cheap and cheesy.”

Picking a film to swede may be the hardest part of the whole process. It has to be popular enough that people will recognize it without the original actors, sets, and cinematography. The plot has to be simple enough to be condensed into a shorter time span, and still be recognizable – while allowing time to add your own touches.

Of course, it can’t have a ton of special effects, unless there is a way to recreate them (in Son of Rambow, I believe they used fireworks to simulate explosions, which you should definitely not try at home). Many props and costumes can be recreated with stuff around the house, but CGI monsters are probably out of the question unless you have a friend who wants to dress up like Gollum and limp around your backyard. Which, now that I think about it, is not so far-fetched. That said, any special effects you add make the swede that much more complicated, time consuming, and potentially expensive, so take that into consideration before selecting your movie.

The next step is to select the scenes you want to recreate. Picking the well-known, often-quoted scenes is the best bet, because the parody and humor will pack the biggest punch. People like to be in on inside jokes. It’s easier to keep the audience if they know what you’re trying to do. Some scenes are so iconic that people will get the joke even if they never saw the movie (think: Rocky running up the steps, “Here’s Johnny,” the shower scene from Psycho, “You talkin’ to me?” from Taxi Driver, ET on a bike, etc).

The goal is to keep as many viewers in on the joke as possible. It’s awesome to slip in obscure references and jokes, but the majority of the swede should be easily recognizable. That’s what makes it interesting. It causes us to think about these classic moments in pop culture in a different way than we have our entire lives.

The great thing about a swede is that you have complete creative control. The more you make the story your own, the more interesting it will be to others. You can go way, way over the top, and as long as the audience gets the joke, they will stay with you. You can also change the scenes – add a layer of subtext to a classic scene, or completely change the ending of the film. Have fun with it. As long as you keep the audience in the loop, you really can do whatever you want.

A note on copyright: Read up on Fair Use before creating your film, and make sure that what you’re doing is legal.

Announcing the MixBit and Slamdance Trailer Competition

Here at MixBit we love creators of all types. That’s why we’re very pleased to announce our new partnership with The Slamdance Film Festival.

Slamdance is the world’s leading independent film festival. Not only do they provide a place for upcoming filmmakers to get discovered, they foster the same kind of open, friendly and creative community we’re fostering here at MixBit.

Through our partnership, filmmakers whose works have been accepted to this year’s festival will be able to upload their trailers to our platform. The ten best trailers will be selected by a panel to play throughout the week of the festival. And Chad Hurley, Co-Founder of MixBit and YouTube, will select one lucky winner to receive a Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera.

We’re so excited that these filmmakers will be making their trailers available on our platform. Together we’ll demonstrate the future of online video–one where audience engagement is driven via the open remixing and sharing of content that always links back to the original work.

Check out for more information and to view trailers starting December 16th.