In the past, we had multiple projects going simultaneously and explored various avenues that we thought were interesting. But now we’ve found the one! We’re done coding around and are ready for a serious commitment to only one product: MixBit! To demonstrate our commitment, we’re proud to announce that we’ve formally changed our name from AVOS Systems, Inc. to MixBit, Inc. We’re very excited to focus all our efforts on MixBit going forward in order to make it into the game changing product we believe it will be.

As part of our new focus on MixBit, there have been some other changes as well. First, we sold Delicious to Science Media LLP. Delicious is a great service that has a storied history and serves millions of users. We wanted it to have a home where it and its many devoted users could get the attention they deserve and we believe Science is just the place. Second, a co-founder of AVOS, Steve Chen, has become an Entrepreneur-In-Residence at Google Ventures, one of our investors. So he’ll remain a close part of the family but will now be able to devote his time to new projects.

To celebrate our new found love, we are going to be announcing some very significant and extensive changes to MixBit in the coming days so stay tuned because we think you’re going to fall just as much in love as we have!

  • Lahoussine Qachach


  • chandra dekeyser

    love is in the air, don’t cry for me Argentina :)