4 gift ideas for making even better videos

The great thing about mobile filmmaking is that everything you need to shoot decent video is right in your pocket. It’s quick, easy, and portable, and for the basic stuff, you don’t need anything else. That said, there are accessories that can make your smartphone videos even better (or more fun to make). Here are four awesome toys you can ask for this Christmas.

1. OlloclipiPhone only


The Olloclip is the perfect mobile accessory: it’s tiny but packs a big punch. It’s a small gadget that slides over the camera on your iPhone or iPod, providing three alternative lenses: fish eye, macro, and wide angle. It’s a house favorite here at MixBit – especially the fish eye! I’ve linked to the original, but they have a few other products that include telephoto and additional macro lenses.

2. Grip Tight Gorillapod StandiPhone & Android


The most versatile tripod ever. Small enough to fit in your jacket pocket, the Gorillapod can be attached to almost anything to provide a steady shot for your videos on the go – wrap it around a tree branch, hang it from the rafters, or just use it like a normal tripod. When you’ve got this with you, you can shoot professional-looking video anywhere.

3. Waterproof case

waterproof smartphone case

Waterproof cases are fairly affordable but aren’t especially common, so underwater shots still look incredibly unique. Want to add a splash of intrigue to your videos? Channel your inner child and set the tea party scene in the pool instead of the living room. Or reenact Nirvana’s Nevermind album cover – you’ve got a waterproof case, all you need is someone willing to swim around naked!

There are a lot of options in this area and which one you choose depends on your device. For the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S3, we recommend the OtterBox. Before choosing one of these, make sure to read reviews – you don’t want to mess around with cheap objects when it comes to your phone!

4. iRig MIC CastiPhone & Android

iRig MIC Cast

In addition to using a tripod, having crisp, clear audio is a foolproof way to make your videos more professional. These don’t cost much but have a significant effect on the quality of sound – which becomes more and more important as screen sizes get smaller and smaller.

Happy holidays from all of us here at MixBit! Hope you have a cozy and safe holiday season.