Less work, more play: making it easy to connect with your existing audience

Most people have an established presence on at least one social network, and if you’re a creative type, usually many more. We know you’ve worked hard to create a community, and that building it again on a new network can be time consuming, time that we think you should spend making stuff – or you know, doing whatever makes you happy.

Which is why we’ve taken a new approach with accounts on the MixBit platform. We let you integrate your existing social identity into your MixBit account so you can connect your community with your new video projects.

Your existing followers will be able to easily find other MixBit videos you’ve published, and if someone comes across your videos in the MixBit community, we’ll point them to your preferred network.

Currently, you can connect to your Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or Tumblr profiles. Link them all or just one – it’s up to you. You’ll have full control over the info that’s attached to each video – when you’re publishing a project, just select which profiles you want to show up (don’t worry, you can still publish anonymously if you want).

Here’s what a video will look like when you’ve connected your accounts to it (click the image to see it live!):

Social Identities

You can link your social networks now by heading to mixbit.com and signing in to view your settings. Then simply republish a video, and you’ll see the option to attach your social profiles. You’ll be able to do this on our iOS and Android apps as well – keep an eye out for the updates, coming soon!