What do I film?

I think the thing is to just shoot as much as you can. Don’t worry so much. – Edgar Wright

Whether faced with a blank page, a blank canvas, or a blank screen, the creative dilemma is the same. Where do I start? What do I film?

The answer is that it doesn’t matter. It just matters that you start.

Film anything that moves. Film the view out your living room window. Film your friends, film your children, film your pets. Film the things you find beautiful, or ugly. Film the things that make you feel stuff. Film what you see, every day. Film what defines you, what you think makes you who you are. Show us the world through your eyes.

Most people think their lives are not very interesting, or they have no stories to tell. But they couldn’t be more wrong.

Anyone can be a filmmaker. All you need is a camera. Right now, your camera is likely in your hand, or your pocket, or next to you. So what are you waiting for?