The new MixBit iOS update is in the App Store

We’ve made a lot of changes to the MixBit iOS app in 1.7, which is the biggest update since launch. We focused on improving the upload experience and incorporating your feedback into the app. Here’s a quick breakdown:

  • Download your project to your phone in one piece
  • Choose between Quick, High, or Raw quality to control uploading speed
  • New trimming tool built from the ground up that is much easier to use
  • Mute individual clips (great for removing wind noise!)
  • Select a thumbnail for your video

By far the most requested feature was the ability to download the entire video in one piece. And now you can! Here’s how:

  1. Before uploading your video, go to My Projects and swipe left on the project you wish to save.
  2. Click on the download icon, and you’ll have the option to download all of the clips individually, or the entire video stitched together.
  3. The video or clips will show up in your camera roll on your phone. If it’s a long video, it might take a minute or two.

We also heard a lot of feedback about the uploading process. Uploading video is taxing on a cell phone and we have been working non-stop to make this as fast and robust as possible. We’ve made a lot of improvements in the back-end, but we also gave you a bit of control over the process.

If you go to Settings, you have the option for your videos to record in Quick, High, or Raw quality. Your videos will record in Quick mode by default, but it’s your choice between faster uploading versus higher quality videos.

We’re already at work on the next app update, so please get in touch if you have any feedback or ideas. Find us on Twitter: @MixBitApp or email:

New feature and minor updates to our privacy policy and terms

Our vision for the MixBit service is a place where people can come together to collaborate on video storytelling. One of the ways we encourage this collaboration is by allowing users to remix any public video clips on

Many remixes have been created since we launched and we wanted users to be able to see what videos their clips have been used in, so we just introduced a small new feature that helps you keep track of this. If you log in and go to “My Library,” you’ll see a new tab that says “Videos Using My Clips.”

An important part of any community is mutual trust, and we wanted to make it clear that we care about your privacy. Because we allow users to reuse and remix other users content, we think making our privacy terms clear is especially important. In light of this new feature and to clarify how existing features work, we’ve made some minor updates to our privacy policy and terms.

We have three ways you can publish a project: public, limited, and draft.

  • Public videos are remixable, searchable, show up in our Featured or Recent feeds, and may be posted as examples of great content on our blog or social media feeds.
  • Limited videos are unlisted, unsearchable, and only people with the URL can see them and remix them. If a clip from a limited video is remixed, it will be shown, but the original project will not be linked to.
  • Draft videos are private – you can only see it when you are logged into your account.

You can check out the changes to our privacy policy and terms here, and please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions. We care about your privacy and want to work together to make MixBit a trusting community.

Don’t be square, let your videos run wide!

The MixBit team are proud supporters of full-length, widescreen HD video, so you can imagine that we were pretty excited to hear the specs of the new iPhones during Apple’s announcement yesterday. The iPhone 5c matches the specifications of the current iPhone 5, but what really stands out is the iPhone 5s.

With f/2.2 aperture, the ability to shoot slow-motion video at 120 frames-per-second (a quarter the speed of the standard, 30fps video), and improved video stabilization, Apple has proved their commitment to high-quality, cutting-edge smartphone photography and videography.

Which makes the MixBit team pretty happy, because we think life is too awesome to fit in squares, and too vibrant to settle for anything less than full HD video. The MixBit app produces broadcast quality video and uploads to our website in 720p HD with a professional 16:9 aspect ratio so you don’t have to sacrifice the quality and width of your videos. Life is big, and we want to help you capture the best of it, even what doesn’t fit in a box.

We’re already hard at work getting the app ready for the new iPhones and operating system, iOS7, and our developers are looking forward to taking advantage of what it has to offer.

Now, this may make us sound like we are just some Apple fanboys (and girls), but don’t worry, we love Android, too. In fact, we are currently beta testing our Android app, so if you’d like to help us out with that please send us an email.

Remixing videos just got easier!

You can now search on MixBit! This is a great way to find new clips to remix.

Remix anything! You can search for videos by keyword to add to your videos – from cats to music, funny to nature, and everything in between.

Create a “unique” song with clips from the community:

Or make fun of the ever-present bearded hipsters:

Can’t wait to see your remixes! Send them our way on Twitter to @MixBitApp.

The MixBit app is live!

Today we are excited to share MixBit™, a new way to create videos together.

Download the free iOS app here!

The MixBit app lets you record, edit and publish videos as short as one second or as long as an hour – right from your mobile device. is also the first video site that lets users collaborate with each other and remix content uploaded by the community.

I’ve always been passionate about video. It’s the most powerful way to express yourself, reach others and bring your ideas to life.

When we built YouTube, we wanted to help people share their videos with each other and the world. Eight years later, people now upload 100 hours of video to YouTube every minute.

Today we want to remove the barriers to video creation. That means giving people intuitive and flexible recording and remixing tools so it’s easier than ever to tell meaningful stories through video. It means inventing new ways to encourage and enable people to collaborate with each other. And it also means exploring new approaches to identity, such as letting people upload videos without forcing them to sign up. is a community of creators: people who want to record and share pieces of their lives and the things they love—concerts, favorite foods, trips to new places, or just hanging out with friends and family—as well as filmmakers, citizen journalists and everyone in between. MixBit is also for people who enjoy playing with video in order to create something new and unexpected. And of course—MixBit is for people who like cat videos.

That’s our vision. We want to encourage more creativity and set people and their content free. Today’s release is the first step in that direction. More will come in time. Meanwhile, if you have questions or feedback, you can reach us at And be sure to send your videos our way on Twitter or Facebook.

Can’t wait to see what you create!

— Chad
Co-founder & CEO

PS: We’re hiring! You can check out our open jobs here.