Better Together: Major update brings collaboration and more to MixBit

Today we released a major update to our iOS and web app to make MixBit better than ever. The features you’ve grown to love are improved and, more importantly, you’ll find a ton of exciting new features as well, including:

  • Collaborative Projects Unleashed
  • Find and Follow Friends
  • Activity Stream for Your Community
  • Real-Time Previews of Your Projects
  • Chat in Projects
  • New, Improved Editor and Controls

Collaborative Projects: A Closer Look

You can now create videos together with friends and family by inviting them to contribute clips and videos directly to your projects. Here’s how it works:

1) Open a new project and click the “Add Collaborators” icon



2) Invite your friends and family to the project with their MixBit name or email address.



3) Add the first clip to your project and include some brief details on what you’d like your friends to contribute.


4) Send your invites! Friends with MixBit will be notified in the app, while people you invite via email can sign up on their phone.  They can then start adding videos and photos to your project.


5) As the owner, you can keep adding more clips, invite more friends, apply music and themes to your project, chat with your friends and preview your video before publishing.


Adding Collaborators to an Existing Project

If you have an existing MixBit project, you can add friends at any time by selecting the “Add Collaborators” icon on the “Edit Project” screen. Just click the icon displayed below and repeat the steps outlined above!


Open Collaborative Projects

Let’s say you’re at an event where you know there are other people making great content, but you don’t know them all to invite them directly. Open Collaboration projects have got you covered! Create an Open Collaboration project and share it so that anyone with the link can contribute to your project.

1) Create a new collaborative project (just like above), but this time instead of inviting specific collaborators, select “Create a Project with Anyone.”


2) Once you’ve created an Open Collaborative Project, anyone you share the URL with will be able to contribute.  Add the link to an event invite or a group message board to easily allow people to contribute to the project.


Other New Features: A Quick Look

In addition to Collaborative Projects, we’ve included many new features that make creating projects a breeze while building a vibrant community of your own on MixBit.

Find and Follow Friends

  • You can now find friends, follow them and see who’s following you on MixBit. Connect Facebook to easily find people you know also using MixBit.

Activity Stream

  • The Activity Stream lets you easily browse and view the videos your community of friends creates and likes.

Real-Time Previews of Your Projects

  • Preview your projects with different themes and music before releasing them to the world.

Chat in Projects

  • Chat with anyone you’ve invited to your collaborative projects!

New, Improved Editor and Controls

  • Re-edit any project from your phone at any time. Add Music and Themes, or invite friends to add more content.
  • We’ve improved our editor and controls to make tweaking and updating your content easier than ever.

Easy Export – Now Includes Custom Vine and Instagram Versions

  • It’s always been simple for you to publish videos to YouTube and other services directly from MixBit.
  • Now you can create automatically edited versions of your projects to share on Vine and Instagram  – All you need to do is download and share!

As you can see we’ve been working hard and making some big changes to MixBit, but this is just the beginning. There is much more to come!

We can’t wait to hear what you think. Please send your questions, feedback and thoughts to or give us a holler on Twitter @MixBitApp.