MixBit 3.0.2 available in the app store

We’re really excited to announce the new release of MixBit, available now in the App Store.


Two weeks ago, we released MixBit 3.0 with many changes that make MixBit an even better way with which to create great looking videos.

  • A new UI to help making videos faster and more streamlined than ever before.
  • Add professional motion graphics to your video and make it pop with Themes!
  • Mix music and audio directly from the app.
  • Put your content where you want – not only share links on Twitter and Facebook, but also publish direct to DropBox and YouTube!
  • As before, work on multiple projects, import clips, trim clips and more all at your fingertips.

We’ve now laid a lot of the ground work for the major improvements to MixBit and you can expect more frequent feature updates in the future. Our latest release, live today, just added the ability to place Text captions on each individual clip. MixBit is for makers and we want to help you create better videos together.


In the past, we had multiple projects going simultaneously and explored various avenues that we thought were interesting. But now we’ve found the one! We’re done coding around and are ready for a serious commitment to only one product: MixBit! To demonstrate our commitment, we’re proud to announce that we’ve formally changed our name from AVOS Systems, Inc. to MixBit, Inc. We’re very excited to focus all our efforts on MixBit going forward in order to make it into the game changing product we believe it will be.

As part of our new focus on MixBit, there have been some other changes as well. First, we sold Delicious to Science Media LLP. Delicious is a great service that has a storied history and serves millions of users. We wanted it to have a home where it and its many devoted users could get the attention they deserve and we believe Science is just the place. Second, a co-founder of AVOS, Steve Chen, has become an Entrepreneur-In-Residence at Google Ventures, one of our investors. So he’ll remain a close part of the family but will now be able to devote his time to new projects.

To celebrate our new found love, we are going to be announcing some very significant and extensive changes to MixBit in the coming days so stay tuned because we think you’re going to fall just as much in love as we have!

Now and Later

We’ve been working hard on lots of exciting features and improvements. Check out the new additions, already live or available soon on the site, below:

You can now follow your favorite MixBit users! Click the follow button on their profile page to see their latest creations and make it easier to collaborate in the future.

Screen_Shot_2014-03-26_at_11.35.55_AM-2 (1)

Profile Pictures and Display Name
Another housekeeping item we’ve checked off is the ability to upload profile pictures and change your display name. I, for one, will be using the display name Cat Von Meow to pay homage to fellow feline lovers across the internet.


Clip Cards
When watching a video, you will now see a ‘clip card’ on the right side of the page. The clip card gives essential information about the clip you are watching such as the author, original project title, a link back to the original project, and the type of device used to create the clip.


Exporting MixBit Videos
And soon you’ll be able to export videos to other video platforms like YouTube or Vimeo, but, before the release, we’ll need to update our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

Here are some highlights of the upcoming changes:

  • You can export a video that contains other people’s clips that you’ve remixed into your video. This means other people can also export videos which include your public clips.
  • You will be notified if someone exports a project containing your clips.
  • Clip owners will be notified, given the exporters username and a link to the social network where the work was shared.
  • MixBit will be unable to control or remove any clips that have been exported off the MixBit site, this includes clips from your videos that have been remixed into someone else’s project and exported. But remember, on MixBit, you can always remove clips or make videos private at anytime.
  • Please click the following links to review the updated Terms Of Service and Privacy Policy in their entirety. These changes will go into effect on April 7th, 2014.

    That’s it for now. Stay tuned for more features coming soon! As always, hit us up at hello@mixbit.com with any and all questions/feedback.

    Claim Your MixBit Username Now!

    Since launching MixBit we’ve been working hard to build a stable platform that allows users to mix and share great video content. Now we’re getting ready to launch new features that do even more to help you create engaging, shareable videos with your friends. We’ve just pushed the first of these, Following and Usernames on MixBit!

    Screen Shot 2014-03-03 at 3.17.17 PM

    This is the first step in a roadmap geared towards robust collaboration features that will allow you to create amazing videos with your followers, friends and community.

    To claim your username (first come, first served), please go to https://mixbit.com/settings or if you haven’t already, register your MixBit account today!

    If you’ve already connected Twitter account with us, we have automatically set your MixBit username to match your Twitter username. If you’d prefer a different username, just email us and we’d be happy to change it for you.

    We look forward to watching and mixing your videos soon!

    Team MixBit

    4 gift ideas for making even better videos

    The great thing about mobile filmmaking is that everything you need to shoot decent video is right in your pocket. It’s quick, easy, and portable, and for the basic stuff, you don’t need anything else. That said, there are accessories that can make your smartphone videos even better (or more fun to make). Here are four awesome toys you can ask for this Christmas.

    1. OlloclipiPhone only


    The Olloclip is the perfect mobile accessory: it’s tiny but packs a big punch. It’s a small gadget that slides over the camera on your iPhone or iPod, providing three alternative lenses: fish eye, macro, and wide angle. It’s a house favorite here at MixBit – especially the fish eye! I’ve linked to the original, but they have a few other products that include telephoto and additional macro lenses.

    2. Grip Tight Gorillapod StandiPhone & Android


    The most versatile tripod ever. Small enough to fit in your jacket pocket, the Gorillapod can be attached to almost anything to provide a steady shot for your videos on the go – wrap it around a tree branch, hang it from the rafters, or just use it like a normal tripod. When you’ve got this with you, you can shoot professional-looking video anywhere.

    3. Waterproof case

    waterproof smartphone case

    Waterproof cases are fairly affordable but aren’t especially common, so underwater shots still look incredibly unique. Want to add a splash of intrigue to your videos? Channel your inner child and set the tea party scene in the pool instead of the living room. Or reenact Nirvana’s Nevermind album cover – you’ve got a waterproof case, all you need is someone willing to swim around naked!

    There are a lot of options in this area and which one you choose depends on your device. For the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S3, we recommend the OtterBox. Before choosing one of these, make sure to read reviews – you don’t want to mess around with cheap objects when it comes to your phone!

    4. iRig MIC CastiPhone & Android

    iRig MIC Cast

    In addition to using a tripod, having crisp, clear audio is a foolproof way to make your videos more professional. These don’t cost much but have a significant effect on the quality of sound – which becomes more and more important as screen sizes get smaller and smaller.

    Happy holidays from all of us here at MixBit! Hope you have a cozy and safe holiday season.